MTP Staff

Executive Director

Andrea P. Newman, PhD, LMFT, LADAC provides administration, fiscal management, program oversight, liaison to contracting boards and other agencies, outreach, education and consultation to health professionals and health professional practice arenas, manages the drug screen coordination program, and provides support and consultation to the MTP Clinical Program.
505-271-0800 or

Medical Director

Daniel A. Collins, MD is a practicing Psychiatrist with expertise in addiction medicine. He is also certified as a Medical Review Officer (MRO). He co-manages the MTP Clinical Program with the Clinical Coordinator. He also provides administrative support and outreach.
505-271-1914 or

Clinical Coordinator

Mary Lynn Griffin, MA, LMHC provides assessment, referral, and monitoring and co-managing the MTP Clinical Program. She also provides administrative support and outreach.
505-323-9393 or

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